Secrets of successful women:

1. Successful are active, are constantly in action, try new opportunities, are not afraid to take risks. Such are not afraid to make mistakes; they know that a mistake is a valuable experience that will help them to rise even higher.
2. They primarily develop themselves, their skills and abilities. They do not spare the for useful workshops and seminars, regardless of who they are: the director of a large sales department or a nanny at home. They read a lot, in the course of political, social and cultural events, which leads to the extraordinary development of their intuition. “Knowledge is power!” Is their motto.

3. Another secret of successful women is that they never think about whether they will succeed or not, whether they can or will fail, they know – of course, everything will turn out the way they want! They believe in their strength.
4. Successful women never carry the burden of the past. This applies to all spheres of : from to personal relationships. If the case is clearly burned out, then they will not be dug into the wall, like sheep, and go to look for a new opportunity.
5. The secret of successful women is, of course, their positivity. They love life, know how to notice the little things and enjoy them, know how to sincerely smile and sympathize, they are sociable and open. They look at every event from an optimistic point of view.

Beijing against the US

Chinese economy will grow by six to six and a half percent, despite the military situation on world markets. The government will simply add additional funds to the economy: as much in interest, in money – more than 150 billion dollars, with a total budget of about three trillion dollars. As a result, the budget […]

Fashion plus size has long cease

# modplussize Fashion plus size has long ceased to be boring. Baggy things are behind, designer brands are churning forward, chipping stylish, fashionable and at the same time comfortable things of plus sizes. We offer 5 non-standard ideas for creating images for each day in plus size sizes: 1. Bomber – thing, undoubtedly, passed from […]

1. Black pants, white shirt, bright scarf. The secret to success is simple solutions.

1. Black pants, white shirt, bright scarf. The secret to success is simple solutions. 2. The best trainer to get rid of a manly gait is a narrow skirt with two palms below the knee. 3. Remember the law: voluminous sleeves – a smooth hairstyle, a short dress – tight tights, a talking outfit – […]

Rewrite your life

Look for an important moment in your memory when you went out of your way, failed yourself, missed a serious chance – or didn’t even try. Reconsider the events of the past, until you find something when you wanted to put more effort into something, but you gave up. Now imagine that everything went differently. […]

Baroque jewelery: vintage and modern

Baroque jewelery: vintage and modern Baroque jewelry is in fashion today. Allowed and vintage, and modern jewelry. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them, because jewelry looks very high quality and beautiful. What exactly is baroque jewelry in trend? And how to distinguish real vintage from costume jewelry? The fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev tells in […]

Artifacts of Tutankhamen

Finds were considered lost since 1973. In the box, which was found in the museum, there was a wooden mast and other elements of a miniature model of a boat. These objects were put in tombs so that in the afterlife the deceased could navigate the water and go fishing.