Pension “early members” will move

Pension “early members” will move

Changes in the pension legislation, which entered into force on January 1, 2019, retain the right of early retirement for employees, who receive a pension not after reaching the retirement , but after acquiring the required length of service (special experience).
These include teachers, medical workers, as well as certain categories of creative workers. The required length of service for years to assign a pension does not increase, and, depending on the specific position, as before, ranges from 15 to 30 years.

At the same time, starting from 2019, the retirement of these categories of citizens is determined taking into account the transition period for raising the retirement age. In accordance with it, the appointment of a pension to doctors, teachers and artists is gradually postponed from the moment the special experience is worked out. At the same time, they can to after acquiring the required length of service or stop working.

The deadline for early retirement will not increase immediately by five years, but taking into account the transition period. So, for example, if the required pedagogical experience is worked out in 2019, then the period of applying for a pension will be delayed for half a year, if in 2020, then for a year and a half, if in 2021, then for three years, in 2022 – for four of the year. From 2023 onwards, the period of postponement after the development of a special period of service will be five years.

For example, a teacher in a secondary school has developed 25 years of teaching experience and the required number of retirement points on September 4, 2019. The right to early retirement pension can be realized no earlier than March 5, 2020.

Rural health care workers, regardless of age and gender, require 25 years of service in health care institutions to retire. If the rural doctor works out the required length of service in September 2021, he will be granted a pension in accordance with the generally established transition period for raising the retirement age after 3 years – in September 2024.

Having developed the necessary special experience, teachers, doctors and creative workers receive the status of a pre-pensioner, and with it the right to corresponding benefits.

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