100 rules that radically change your life.

  • 100 rules that radically change your .
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1. Start your day with thanks for all you have.
2. Get up early (5-6 am).
3. Drink plenty of water (3-4 liters per day).
4. Take a contrast shower for recovery.
5. Plan your day.
6. Set goals, but do not get attached to them.
7. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to your friends and enemies. You are imperfect, so forgive others their imperfections.
8. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in the fresh air, and even better – 30-60 minutes.
9. Do not drink after meals.
10. Avoid negative environment.
11. If you still find yourself in a destructive environment, learn from the reverse, i.e. what “not to be.”
12. Be true to your dream.
13. Surround yourself with worthy people who will contribute to your realization.
14. Exercise every day.
15. In times of crisis, follow the minimum program.
16. Learn from a professional mentor who will help accelerate your professional growth.
17. , enjoy.
18. If the work is not pleasant, but it is necessary for growth and brings it closer to the goal, to do it.
19. If the work does not like and does not approach the goal, drop it.
20. Believe in yourself.
21. Breathe deeply as often as possible during the day.
22. Pray or meditate every day, purify your soul.
23. Regularly update the playlist of your favorite songs, listen to them when you need energy recharging.
24. Find the best teachers in every area of ​​life and learn from them.
25. Give 10% of your income to charity.
26. Do not skimp on praise, especially for your team.
27. Be emotional in praise and restrained and delicate in criticism.
28. Remember: no matter what a good thing you do, someone will always be unhappy. It’s unavoidable.
29. In , be grateful for the victory. In defeat, be grateful for the experience.
30. Be sometimes a child, allow yourself to fool around.
31. Remember that the most important thing to do first.
32. Apply as often as possible the principle of “two in one” (simultaneous exercise and listening to audio books, morning marafet and motivating video).
33. To experience happiness from work, think only of the return, and not about how much you earn as a result.
34. Strive for growth, do not be afraid of obstacles.
35. Remember: to achieve excellence in any , you need at least 10 thousand hours of hard work.
36. Small daily improvements lead to massive success.
37. Greet the people first and smile at them. Only a strong and successful person can afford the first to show goodwill.
38. The only decent standard is the best.
39. Gently say goodbye to those people who do not contribute to the realization of your potential.
40. If these are your relatives, love them and accept them as they are. They most likely will never change.
41. Don’t try to change anyone at all. Attempts to change the people around are the surest path to unhappiness.
42. Inspiration comes from the right way of life.
43. The worse the food and the less mobile you are, the less desire and passion in work.
44. Be an “elevator” for people around you. Lift them up
45. Treat critics with understanding. These are unrealized people who have no greater enjoyment than expressing their disapproval.
46. ​​If the critic is qualified and speaks from the heart, make him a friend. Let him help you to become better, and you, in turn, find a way to compensate him for his contribution to your success.
47. What is behind in your life and what awaits you ahead is a mirror reflection of what you have in it now.
48. Motivation must go from within. If it is not there, then there can be only two reasons: either there is no energy, or you are doing the wrong thing.
49. Never take any vital decisions in a bad mood. First, enter a positive peak state, then decide how to live on.
50. Read mail, Twitter and Facebook 2 times a day. Maximum.
51. Words inspire and words destroy. Choose them with sensitivity and love.
52. To love a person is to help him realize himself. Even if it is to the detriment of your own desires.
53. Enjoy loneliness.
54. It is never too late to start a new business, introduce a new habit and create a new hobby. Keep looking for that will broaden your horizons.
55. The ability and ability to inspire others to realize their potential is the highest reward that exists.
56. Keep a success diary, especially in the categories you are working on the most.
57. Follow the agreement. To do this, do not promise anything, if you are not 100% sure that you can do it.
58. Avoid gossip.
59. Follow the news, the policy, the economy, develop spherically.
60. But remember that the meaning of life in another is in a deep understanding of the laws of the universe and following them.
This will lead to happiness.
61. “Of the active and intelligent, the active win. And among the active – the most intelligent. “Combine the mind and activity.
62. Analyze every significant event in your life. What lesson did you learn from it?

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