1. Black pants, white shirt, bright scarf. The secret to success is simple solutions.

1. Black pants, white shirt, bright scarf. The secret to is simple solutions.
2. The best trainer to get rid of a manly gait is a narrow skirt with two palms below the knee.
3. Remember the law: voluminous sleeves – a smooth hairstyle, a short dress – tight tights, a talking outfit – silent shoes. Let there be only one active zone in the outfit. It’s not scary if it will be your eyes.
4. Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed that a turtleneck is a wonderful way out of any situation. It beautifully wraps around and emphasizes the chest, while hiding details from outsiders.
5. Jeans, as a plastic surgery, can either fantastically improve a figure, or completely spoil it.
6. Traditionally the right investment is a classic V-neck cashmere sweater.
7. Moms of girls should definitely teach them to dress. It’s a mistake to think that a woman by nature knows how to dress, put on and brush her hair.
8. Any outfit can tell a lot more about a person than he himself would like to.
9. Good taste needs to be trained every day. When you stop doing this, then no matter how old you are, 19 or 75, old begins.
10. There can be no perfect beauty to please everyone. There must be at least some kind of a notch in beauty.
11. In the wardrobe of any woman, clothing is divided into three types – for yourself, for girlfriends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits.
12. If you go on a date, it is better if the outfit emphasizes the difference between the chest, waist and hips.
13. Revise your collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick sound a duet, you will look great, even if you put on a dress of the color that you like, but is not yours.
14. If your skirt or dress pulls up when walking, you definitely need either a different style or a larger size.

15. There are no ugly , there are bad hairdressers.
16. Do not be afraid of high heels. In the shops you can find shoes or boots with high heels, which will be very comfortable and which can be worn from morning to evening.
17. Want to visually lengthen the legs, choose shoes to match the pants.
18. If you wear a catchy dress, be sure to make a simple hairstyle so as not to distract attention from him.
19. Feel free to your forms. All that the Lord has given you is beautiful. And if it’s beautiful, you need to emphasize their forms. The main thing is to do it competently and with taste.
20. For the evening set there is a rule: one thing should shine. Either a dress or accessories.
21. If you have an overweight problem, the heel sometimes plays a decisive role in helping to hide figure flaws.
22. Fashion is not feathers and rhinestones, fashion is a skirt that fits well, these are pants that lengthen legs, this is a dress that a woman put on and flew off. Fashion is when a woman picked up a new bag, and her changed.
23. A new dress is a cheaper and safer tool than psychotherapists and antidepressants.
24. Take the set aside for a rainy day and buy yourself new shoes. And, perhaps, a rainy day will never come.
25. To look sexy and elegant at the same time at any age, refer to proven solutions: tuxedo, stilettos, tiny clutch bag.
26. If you want to go up the career ladder, dress like you’re already there.
27. An excellent set for all occasions – a black turtleneck, cropped trousers with elegant shoes with a small heel and stockings to match the shoes and trousers.
28. A little black dress will decorate a woman at any age. The only thing that should be done by very adult ladies is to wear tight black tights.

29. A red dress is a cry, a burgundy dress is a point of view, a black dress is a life position.
30. Jewelry should be chosen so that it was clear that this is jewelry. If the decoration is not trying to wishful thinking, then you will look luxurious even in the circle of women, shining with natural stones.
31. To attract the attention of others you can simply: make up your lips with bright lipstick, put on huge sunglasses, pick up a bright bag. Fear of boring sets and lack of accessories.
32. Inexpensive things, decorated with rhinestones, as a rule, look provocatively vulgar.
33. A well-dressed person is one whose clothes are not paid attention to. The man, his person, his face comes to the fore. This is the role of classic basic things.
34. Jeans are not relevant, jeans are only well-fitting.
35. In every person there is that can turn it into a star.
36. Heel gives a woman some instability, which means there will certainly be a man who wants to support her.
37. A thing must for a long time, be inherited, especially if it has a good name.
38. Sporty chic is not sold in sports stores.
39. Women love with their ears, and their ears love diamonds.
40. Goodbye, stress! Hello extra

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